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Help Educate Address and Locate better known as HEAL, was established to help those that battle with addiction problems in our community.

Our Executive Board is as follows:

  • Ellen Wilhoit – President
  • John Mathews – President Elect
  • Kristen Gentry – Secretary
  • Elizabeth Maples – Treasurer
  • Tassi Long – Board Member
  • Dr. Jennifer Maddron – Board Member
  • Jana Chambers – Board Member

Who we are:

Help Educate Address And LocateHEAL is a diverse coalition that works together to educate the community on the effects of opiate addiction. We realize addiction is an illness and desire to lift up those needing help in a way that assures them a brighter future.

Nearly two years ago a small group at LeConte Medical Center began to address the concern about the babies born in the facility who were dependent on drugs at birth. One particular month a few years ago we were shocked at the number of infants we transferred to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for treatment of NAS (neonatal abstinence syndrome).

As healthcare providers these numbers were alarming in our small community, and seeing the pain these newborns experience due to their dependence was heartbreaking. We are proud of our success in building a coalition from many different sectors throughout the Sevier County community.

Our coalition includes members of law enforcement, the judiciary, LeConte Medical Center schools, mental health agencies, the local Health Department, Children’s Hospital, media, faith based organizations, parents, youth and recovering addicts.

H. E. A. L. – Our Mission

HELP—to help the Sevier County community create an action plan to help the problem of addiction.

EDUCATE—our community on this ongoing, pervasive issue.

ADDRESS—the addiction problem in Sevier County, specifically, NAS in our babies, through the implementation of the action plan

LOCATE—existing community resources and search for resources that are lacking.

Our goal is to decrease and deter addiction as well as prevent babies born with drug dependency by working to increase affordable and accessible recovery and prevention services in the community.

Our Address and Email:

P.O. Box 4578
627 Middle Creek Road
Sevierville, TN 37862

Day One – Womens Recovery Support Group

This recovery group is for women who struggle with addiction. All women are welcome! This group is a safe place for ladies, a place of understanding. You will be accepted and loved. We are a Christ centered recovery group. We share our experience, strength and hope…finding freedom from addiction.
Meetings are held every Monday night, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at the LeConte Medical Center Classroom (across from the cafeteria), located at 742 Middle Creek Road, Sevierville, TN 37862. For information, call (423)435-6585

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